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Our latest publication is out! Back in House Workbook:

We just released a companion piece to our 2016 report, Back in House Workbook . Commissioned by CUPE Alberta, this Back in House Workbook, Why Local Governments are Bringing Services Home, which was prepared by Gaetan Royer with Charley Beresford and Keith Reynolds, provides a practical guide to helping communities identify the outsourced work and services that can and READ MORE

What you need to know about child labour in BC

Did you know the work-start age in BC is twelve? First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition  commissioned a public opinion survey  in June and found that only six percent British Columbians could correctly identify the age at which a child can be formally employed without the need for a government permit. We’re not talking about babysitting or raking grass. Twelve year-olds can work in READ MORE