Columbia Institute and Centre for Civic Governance media highlights


June 12th, 2014: Tri-City News – Port Moody council has eye on the next election:

May 6th, 2014: Georgia Straight – Stephen Hui:

March 10th, 2014: Vancouver Sun – Stephen Hume: The B.C. lose jobs plan
(Above article also appeared in the Sask Leader Post:
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March 10th, 2014: The Tyee: Building More Ferries in BC would benefit the local economy.

March 10th, 2014: Business In Vancouver: Study forecasts massive benefits to BC economy if shipbuilding industry returns to province:

March 10th, 2014: Money News: BC Would Make Big Gains From Building Ferries Locally



Sept 6th, 2013: Vancouver Sun Op-Ed: Municipalities concerned over new recycling plan

August 21st, 2013: The Toronto Star: Conservation could create 25,000 jobs by 2025, claims report by union and environmental groups

June 7th, 2013: Economic study supports ‘buy local’ as Harper tries to ban it in EU trade deal

June, 2013: UBC Sustainability: Quantifying the economic impact of purchasing

May 31st, 2013: The Vancouver Sun: Cities would benefit from national energy strategy based on renewable energy: Columbia Institute

May 31, 2013: The Tyee: Don’t Exclude Cities from Canada’s Energy Plan



December 12, 2012: The Tyee: More Leaked Documents Rip Lid off CETA Giveaways

November 1st, 2012: Municipal World Magazine: This Green House



November 18th, 2011: The Tyee: This Saturday, Occupy the Ballot Box

Sept 29th, 2011: The Tyee: Municipalities Need Resources, Not Auditor

June 6th, 2011: The Tyee: Wild Weather Hammers Home Case for Green Jobs



May 29th, 2010: The Toronto Star: EU trade pact may imperil local control over water



Dec 17th, 2009: The Tyee: Cities at centre of energy revolution: Stern

Dec 15th, 2009: The Tyee: Conference reaches capacity as clock winds down

Dec 13th, 2009: The Tyee: Police, demonstrators flood the streets of Copenhagen

Dec 11th, 2009: The Tyee: World youth push for a ‘real deal’

February 11, 2009: The Tyee: Why BC Schools Are Always Short of Money

March 9th, 2009: The Tyee: Young Councillors more open to green ideas: Turner.

March 10th, 2009: The Tyee: Sick of Sprawl?

March 12th, 2009: The Tyee: How communities can combat ‘climate fatigue’



November 13th, 2008: The Vancouver Sun: Your vote counts in municipal elections, too

January 23rd, 2008: The Times Colonist: Trustees gather for symposium on climate change



September 25th, 2007: The Province: Cities should tackle global warming: Poll

September 25th, 2007: The Toronto Star: Cities get a raw deal, most Ontarians say