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Back in House: Why local governments are bringing services home

“Back in House: Why Local Governments are Bringing Services Home” says that across Canada and around the world public services that were once outsourced are now finding their way back in-house to municipalities, mainly because using in-house services saves money. That means the expected benefits from privatizing services are not as significant as expected. Download English READ MORE

Ramener les services à l’interne : pourquoi les gouvernements municipaux mettent fin à la sous-traitance et à la privatisation (français)

Le rapport “Ramener les services à l’interne: pourquoi les gouvernements municipaux mettent fin à la sous-traitance et à la privatisation” s’intéresse, comme son nom l’indique, à la tendance actuelle au retour des services à l’interne. Le plus souvent, ce sont les coûts qui incitent les municipalités à ramener les services à l’interne, les économies promises par READ MORE

Top Asks for Climate Action – Ramping Up Low Carbon Communities

Top Asks for Climate Action, highlights how Canada can ramp up climate action by empowering low carbon communities. Local governments have a crucial role to play in combating climate change. Their decisions directly or indirectly impact sixty percent of Canada’s energy consumption and more than fifty percent of GHG emissions. Four emerging trends are pushing READ MORE

Buying Local: Tools for Forward-Thinking Institutions

One of our popular resource guides, Buying Local: Tools for Forward-Thinking Institutions, details specific policies and practices for economic development through local purchasing. Earlier this year, we released a study detailing the economic impact of local purchasing – the first study of its kind in Canada. Using office supply procurement in B.C. as an example, the study measured READ MORE

Dynamic Downtowns: Using Heritage to Build Strong, Vibrant Downtowns

Created in collaboration with the Columbia Institute , the Dynamic Downtowns Workbook is a resource for communities that want to know more about how to include heritage buildings as part of their downtown revitalization strategy. The five ‘Case Studies’ included in the Workbook illustrate examples of how some British Columbia communities are incorporating heritage buildings into their READ MORE

This Green House: Building Fast Action for Climate Change and Green Jobs

 This substantive report provides information for getting started on a retrofit program in your municipality, from necessary legislative changes, to case studies to an overview of benefits. Energy use in buildings is one of the largest sources of GHG emissions at the local level. Fortunately, reducing energy use in buildings is something that can be READ MORE

Going Local: Inspirational Stories of Local Government and Local Economy in BC

Going Local— Inspirational Stories of Local Government and Local Economy in BC showcases 12 stories of local governments that are working to improve their local economies and enhance the quality of life in their communities. As communities face the future, local government leaders are asking themselves what they can do to protect and strengthen their READ MORE

Carbon Offsets: The Real Deal?

An essential guide for individuals and organizations who may be contemplating purchasing offsets. This guide provides background information on carbon offset, including: * The downsides and benefits of their use * The basic features of credible offsets * A list of resources that can provide more information about carbon offsets Publication Download: Copy of Columbia_Carbon.pdf Carbon Offsets: The READ MORE

Public Private Partnerships: Understanding the Challenge

This resource guide sheds light on the complex P3 world and contains tools and information for community leaders. On balance, our research shows that the Design-Build-Finance-Operate relationship termed P3 has significant downsides for the public interest. P3s are complicated and contentious. They shift the role governments play in the delivery of public services and infrastructure. READ MORE