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Local Governments Should Have a Bigger Piece of the Pie

Local government officials meet at the Union of BC Municipalities the week of September 24th through 28th. Climate change, increased social challenges and aging infrastructure will be hot topics. The public is on their side. Polling by the Columbia Institute Centre for Civic Governance shows that British Columbians trust their local politicians twice as much READ MORE

Columbia Institute Poll: People in BC and Ontario Want Bigger Piece of the Tax Pie for Local Governments

The polling shows that people in BC and Ontario have greater trust in local politicians, are willing to pay more taxes for increased action on climate change and want senior levels of government to provide regular and flexible funding to local governments. To see the polling figures that were released in BC click here: To see the polling figures that were released in Ontario click here: To read the BC media release click here:

Going for Green: Leadership Makes a Difference

Locally elected leaders are forging innovative, homegrown methods of making sustainability their reality. They are tackling social issues such as the pressing need for affordable housing. In the second edition of the Columbia Institute’s Centre for Civic Governance Going for Green Series, Leadership Makes a Difference, we have gathered the best stories on leading-edge policy READ MORE

Leadership Makes A Difference

Local communities are going all out as they “go for green” from: • the Capital Regional District’s energy plan, to • Squamish’s global warming pledge, to • Ucluelet’s official community plan that took the United Nations’ top prize, to • making school buildings and curricula sustainable, Locally elected leaders – councillors and school board trustees READ MORE