Monthly Archives: May 2008

School Lands Bylaw in Cowichan Valley

On May 14, 2008 the Cowichan Valley Regional District passed bylaw amendments that restrict the use of school lands, in the hopes of discouraging school closures. The bylaws prevent the sale of school lands for private development in order to keep the lands for public use. Read an article from the Vancouver Sun about the role parents played in getting the bylaw READ MORE

Anti-Idling in the CRD

The Capital Regional District is proposing an anti-idling bylaw that would make it illegal to leave a vehicle engine running for more than three minutes in a one-hour period. Although the bylaw would be almost impossible to enforce, it could function as an education tool: according to Natural Resources Canada, idling wastes 1.8 million litres READ MORE

Innovative Strategies: Ideas for Sustainable Communities

Innovative Strategies: Ideas for Sustainable Communities is a collection of articles by prominent local politicians, environmentalists, and community leaders who demonstrate how to turn progressive ideas into action. It is the first volume in the “Innovative Strategies Leadership Series” for locally elected leaders. Inspired by conversations at our Centre for Civic Governance forums, this handbook READ MORE

Polis Project on Ecological Governance

The Polis Project on Ecological Governance is an initiative of the University of Victoria which aims to understand the structure and dynamics of urban water use. The project includes several objectives relevant to local government, including developing innovative governance options that promote sustainable water management, developing water law and policy decision-making tools, and examining urban and emerging water issues in Canada. READ MORE

Housing & Supports for Adults with Mental Illness and/or Addictions

A report released in 2008 by the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction (CARMHA) and SFU shows that homelessness among adults with severe addictions and/or mental health illnesses is prevalent in both urban and rural settings and that providing adequate housing and support for these individuals would result in a net cost READ MORE

Poll: Municipal Governments are Under-Funded

A poll commissioned by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has found that there is consensus across Canada that municipal governments are under-funded. The poll showed that 90% of people believe that the federal government should provide financial support to assist municipal governments with infrastructure issues and did not see property taxes or spending cuts as reasonable READ MORE