Monthly Archives: December 2008

A Poverty Reduction Plan for BC

Despite having a strong economy for the last decade, British Columbia has the highest poverty rates in the country. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has laid out a Poverty Reduction Plan that would reduce poverty in the province by one third after four years and eliminate street homelessness within 5 years. The plan calls for action in 7 key READ MORE

Growing Canada’s Economy While Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A preliminary report released by the Pembina Institute and David Suzuki Foundation has shown that by following the science-based model of reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 25% below 1990 levels, Canada can still expect economic growth of 20% over the next decade.The report is based on research by M.K. Jaccard and Associates using an economic READ MORE

Through the Green Glass

“Through the Green Glass: Climate Change Tools for Education Leaders” is the third volume in the Columbia Institute’s Going for Green series. This collection of presentations is based on a conference held in January 2008 that brought together over 20 experts to speak on a variety of education-related sustainability issues. In this book you will READ MORE