Monthly Archives: March 2009

In U.S., a hot debate on infrastructure privatizing

In the aftermath of the recent economic recession, many U.S. state governments are tempted to follow Chicago’s successful use of P3s to raise money. P3s, or “public-private partnerships” hand public assets to private businesses to run them as profit enterprises. P3 critics however argue that states will subjecting taxpayers to higher costs and greater risks READ MORE

Want One Port Mann Bridge, or a Light Rail Metropolis?

The B.C. government intends to spend $3.1 billion rebuilding and expanding the Port Mann Bridge and connecting Highway 1 routes. Sustainable design researchers at U.B.C. found that for the same cost, the government could finance a light rail system providing connection to residents in Surrey, White Rock, Langley, and Delta. The proposed rail system would READ MORE

B.C. rivers at risk from green power, report says

Half of B.C.’s most threatened rivers are at risk from “green energy projects” according to a report released from the Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C. In the absense of comprehensive provincial strategies, private run-of-river power proposals and urban and industrial development are threatening the health and biological integrity of sensitive river ecosystems. Read report here . READ MORE

“From the Ground Up” Centre for Civic Governance Forum Generates Ideas at the Tyee

Tyee Editor David Beers and Tyee Blogger Colleen Kimmett attended our annual governance forum at Harrison Hot Springs March 6th and 7th.  While David gave a very good presentation on working with the media, Colleen interviewed the politicians and posted her stories about green ideas , sustainable development and climate fatigue .

Going Local: Inspirational Stories of Local Government and Local Economy in BC

Going Local— Inspirational Stories of Local Government and Local Economy in BC showcases 12 stories of local governments that are working to improve their local economies and enhance the quality of life in their communities. As communities face the future, local government leaders are asking themselves what they can do to protect and strengthen their READ MORE