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350 parts per million is the upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and anything above and beyond this level could result in human and natural catastrophes. 350.org is an international campaign aimed at building a movement to solve the climate crisis, and has organized rallies across the world and garnered support from many READ MORE

Climate Action Network

The Climate Action Network (CAN) is an international network of over 550 NGOs working to encourage governments and individuals to reduce human-caused climate change. CAN’s vision is to protect environmental integrity while promoting sustainable and equitable global development. CAN works to achieve this through information sharing and the collective development of NGO strategies on international, regional and national READ MORE

BC Climate Action Toolkit

The B C Climate Action Toolkit is a tool to help BC local governments reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen communities. It is a live network that provides the latest news, best practices, practical advice, and strategic guidance to inspire action in municipalities across the province. Learn how local governments can make significant contributions to climate change mitigation on their READ MORE

The GTA region’s rise and sprawl

Ontario received international praise for Places to Grow, its strategy to reduce urban sprawl. Today however, planning decisions made in certain municipalities threaten its success. The plan gives municipalities a large amount of flexibility in attaining its goals, allowing some of them to deviate from intended responses to increased population growth. Read the full story READ MORE