Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

Report finds P3’s substantially more expensive than the public option

Forensic accountant, Ron Parks has co-authored a report that evaluates four P3 projects completed in BC, The Canada Line, Sea-To-Sky Highway improvements, the Diamond Ambulatory Care Centre and the Abbotsford Regional Hospital for their financial costs. His findings show that P3’s are substantially more expensive than the public option due to hidden costs. While publicly READ MORE

The impact of CETA on Hamilton Ontario

Stewart Trew of the Council of Canadians has written a report that outlines some specific impacts the proposed CETA (Canadian European Union Trade Agreement) will have on Hamilton’s job sector as well as the social and environmental impacts. From banning buy local policies to privatizing public services, the agreement will limit the power of municipalities READ MORE

Recent decline in health of the Great Lakes is an outcome of climate change, says Gore

Using well documented research to back up his claim, Al Gore is noting the direct link between the large algae blooms and low water levels of the Great Lakes as a direct result of climate change. He is urging governments to address the issue, noting that both the environmental and economic fallout from continued decline READ MORE