Daily Archives: November 30, 2011

School Boards raising concern about lack of fairness with BC’s carbon offset program

All BC public institutions are legislated to be carbon neutral. To achieve this they have no choice but to purchase carbon offsets. Those offsets must be purchased from the Pacific Carbon Trust , a crown corporation that charges much more than any other offset company. Pacific Carbon Trust purchases offsets from industry and then sells them to public READ MORE

The hottest 13 years on record have all taken place within the past 15 years

The hottest 13 years on record have taken place within the past 15 years. Within that time period the amount and severity of extreme weather events has increased dramatically. But, despite the phenomenal cost to human life and the economy that climate change is causing, world leaders are backing down on their commitments. The US, READ MORE

Ontario will introduce law to expel bullies from school permanently

Under new provincial legislation, school administrators will be able to permanently expel bullies. The province already has a Safe Schools Act and this new legislation will provide an opportunity to take meaningful action. Premier Mc Guinty is encouraging students, teachers and administrators to “to take action to prevent bullying, intervene when appropriate and apply appropriate READ MORE