Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

The Future is Local: Progressive Governance Forum at Harrison Hot Springs

Join us at our Centre for Civic Governance  Forum for Progressive Governance in Harrison Hot Springs Friday March 30-Saturday March 31st. 2012.   Joel Bakan at The Future is Local from Centre for Civic Governance on Vimeo .     Equality and Public Education from Centre for Civic Governance on Vimeo . Local Is Global with Craig Keating and Alisdair Smith from Centre for Civic Governance on Vimeo .   Funding Formulas: When More is Less and Less -Joan Axford from Centre for Civic Governance on Vimeo . Featuring: Joel Bakan is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of British READ MORE

What will it cost if the world warms 3.5 degrees?

Current emissions reductions targets are likely to create a warming of 3.5°C by 2020, far below the original pledge of 2°C lower. The Climate Action Tracker has done an analysis that shows what the financial and environmental risks are. The tracker is continually updating according to the latest information available. What the current analysis shows READ MORE

Canadian cities considering Safety barriers on trucks

Several Canadian municipalities are looking at outfitting their trucking fleets with safety barriers. Cycling and pedestrian deaths from heavy trucks has gone down in Europe since guards have been implemented. The barriers cost approximately $1500 and Toronto councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker believes rails should be required despite the costs; “all of us accept today that READ MORE