Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

Resilient Communities: Cool Ideas for Locally Elected Leaders

Our annual governance forum in Harrison Hot Springs explores the idea of resiliency and the bold and creative ways in which leaders and communities are responding to the major environmnetal challenges of our time. Presentations: Bill Rees – The Big Picture: The Jekyll and Hyde of Resilience Juan Torres – Children and Cities: Planning to Grow Together Briony Penn – Conservation Offsets: Stretching Funds for Greenspace, Watersheds and Community Forests

Finland’s education system values equality over excellence

Finland’s education system was reformed in the 1980’s with a singular goal in mind, to provide all students regardless of economic or social background or geographic with the opportunity to learn. Schools provide meals, healthcare, guidance and counseling. Despite requiring far less homework than in other countries and despite having a large focus on play, READ MORE