Daily Archives: February 20, 2012

Canada’s First Nations want languages officially recognized

There is a move afoot to have several First Nations languages, those covering large territories and populations, to be recognized under the Official Languages Act. Official recognition would likely result in additional long-term funding to incorporate indigenous languages into school curriculum. So far the government seems unwilling to concede; “news reports revealed that documents obtained READ MORE

Ontario’s early childcare programs on the verge of collapse

The success of all day kindergarten in Ontario appears to be undermining funding for early childcare programs for children aged 0-3. Daycare in the province is so critically underfunded that in Toronto, 21,000 parents are waiting for daycare subsidies and those with the means to pay in full are still faced with year long waitlists. READ MORE

Letter to the Editor: CETA will rob cities of vital tools

Kristyn Wong-Tam’s, Councillor for Ward 27, Toronto Centre – Rosedale has written a letter to the editor of iPolitics, outlining the likely impacts of the proposed CETA agreement (Canadian European Trade Agreement) on Canadian municipalities. Drawing from detailed research on the trade agreement, including a paper published by the Columbia Institute, Councillor Wong-Tam argues that vital tools to stimulate local economies and to READ MORE