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Vancouver School Board releases results of public consultations

The Vancouver School Board has released the results of surveys conducted as part of its public consultation process.  The board will be discussing the results, including whether or not to redevelop properties in the face of declining enrolments and provincial funding as well as the introduction of a balanced school calendar. Read more at the Vancouver Sun READ MORE

Anti-bullying bill says schools must allow ‘gay-straight alliances’

All schools, including those in the Catholic system in Ontario, won’t be able to stop students from calling anti-homophobia clubs “ gay-straight alliances” if changes to a proposed anti-bullying law are passed. The amendment is being applauded as a step forward for human rights, giving students the right to name their own clubs. Read more at The Toronto Star READ MORE

Cities push for B.C. Residential Tenancy Act amendment

City counsellors call for a united voice in requesting the provincial government review the Residential Tenacy Act.  Politicians from 33 municipalities agreed the act subjects tenants to a costly, time-consuming, and ineffective system that is difficult to navigate due to its bureaucratic and legal complexity.  The resolution put forward by Judy Villeneuve, Counsellor from Surrey, calling for READ MORE

The Sharing Good Ideas Agenda

Agenda 9:00 am      Registration 9:30 am Welcome  9:45 am Panel – Municipal role in Home Energy Retrofits – WE CAN DO IT! 11:00 am Break 11:15 am Panel  –  A Climate Change Action Charter for your municipality? 12:30 pm LUNCH  12:45 pm Key Note Speaker – Economist Jim Stanford 1:30 pm Panel – A Living READ MORE

Nanaimo Provides Incentives for Water Protection and Green Building

Regional District of Nanaimo is now providing incentives to residents interested in reducing their energy usage and emissions, and protecting water.  Nanaimo also renewed its Green Building Incentive Program to encourage residents to invest in energy efficiency, emission reductions and green building practices.  Read more at the Municipal Information Network

What’s the Big Deal About CETA?

Canada-Europe Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is generating serious questions and concerns from local governments across Canada.  Municipalities, local government associations and school boards have passed resolutions expressing concern about the CETA’s potential impact local public services and decision making which could undermine public control key municipal services. Read more from the Columbia READ MORE

Women in the Canadian Economy

At first glance it may seem as if Canada has achieved gender equality, however a look at the economy indicates this is not true. Women are underresprented in high-level management and the natural sciences, and continue to earn lower wages than men. Some think this is attributed to women’s roles as the primary caretakers of READ MORE

Cuts to Ministry of Environment undermining environmental enforcement

The BC Budget 2010/11 allocates $69 million for justice and policing operations, but ignores the collapse of environmental law enforcement across the province. Past and recent cuts to the Ministry of Environment have reduced the capacity of Conservation Officers to enforce environmental laws and protect BC’s air, water and wildlife. Read the full story at READ MORE

Connecting to Communities

  "Connecting to Communities" May 14-15, 2010 Kingbridge Conference Centre, King City, ON     Forum Keynote: Marshall Ganz   Marshall Ganz teaches community engagement at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations. His work draws on experience as an organizer in the civil rights movement, as well as READ MORE

World’s top firms cause $2.2tn of environmental damage, report estimates

A new report finds that the environmental damage caused by the world’s biggest companies would cost $2.2 trillion if they were held financially accountable. The majority of these costs are attributed to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution; social and consumptive impacts were not included. Externalities of this scale could threaten global markets if not addressed. READ MORE

West Coast Environmental Law Comments on Metro Vancouver 2040 Shaping Our Future

West Coast Environmental Law expressed concerns regarding the latest draft of Metro Vancouver’s Regional Growth Strategy, entitled “Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping Our Future” . They are concerned that the weak language in the Plan will prevent the region from reaching its goals, and recommend that the region commits to a meaningful set of commitments that will be more likely to achieve READ MORE

A New Climate for Conservation – Nature, Carbon and Climate Change in British Columbia – Full Report

This report reviews scientific and technical literature on climate change and biodiversity in B.C., and provides scientific support for ecosystem conservation as part of a climate action plan. It recommends a climate conservation network comprising at least 50% of B.C.’s land base, and notes that laws and land tenure systems must be altered to accommodate READ MORE

Resilient Communities: Cool Ideas for Locally-Elected Leaders

THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR PARTICIPANTS!  WE ENJOYED ANOTHER INSPIRING FORUM: Powerpoint presentations: Children and Cities, Seniors and Cities Presentation by Juan Torres New Directions in Economic Development Presentation by Elvy Del Bianco Presentation by John Restakis [em]Powering Communitites Presentation by Eric Hunter The Jeckyll and Hyde of "Resilience" Presenation by Bill Rees Carbon Offsets  Presentation by Briony Penn   Engaging Your Community on Climate Change: An integrated Approach to Addressing Complex Issues Presentation by Kerri Klein Municipal Finance Presentation by Neil Monckton Prosperity for Everyone: Living Wage READ MORE

A Manitoba Solution for Plastic Bags

Manitoba’s “Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Regulation” includes the “Guideline for Plastic Bags”, and establishes a target to decrease single use bags by 50% within the next 5 years. In the spring of 2010, Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM) will release a new mandatory industry program to target packaging, printed paper, and plastic bags. New options READ MORE

Woodworking unions and environmentalists propose bold new plan to protect forests and jobs while fighting climate change

Forest industry unions and top environmental groups proposed a plan for the BC government to conserve more forest, reduce wood waste, and promote the wise use of forest products, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The report “Managing BC’s Forests for a Cooler Planet: Carbon Storage, Sustainable Jobs and Conservation” was released today and is expected to give BC a leadership role in finding the sustainable solutions that were READ MORE

Beyond Copenhagen: what kind of bottom-up climate activism do we need?

In the wake of failed climate negotiations in Copenhagen, more people are looking to bottom-up approaches to climate activism. However, these small-scale contributions will not be enough to successfully address global climate change. The poor nations, who are the true victims of climate change, should propose the international framework necessary to target this global problem. READ MORE

Climate change scepticism will increase hardship for world’s poor: IPCC chief

Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the IPCC, warns that climate change skepticism will increase hardships for the world’s poor. Climate change skepticism is expected to increase in 2010, particularly in the U.S. and Australia. Allowing skeptics to delay climate change action will only exacerbate the impacts of climate change, particularly in developing countries. Read the full READ MORE