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Municipalities and Universal Pharmacare

96.5% of local elected municipal leaders say that federal and provincial downloading of costs onto local governments is a problem for their community.1 A new story about downloading is the one emerging through the national pharmacare conversation launched by Canadian Doctors for Medicare.1 Why? There is no universal plan to cover the costs of prescription drugs READ MORE

Made in BC Ferries: The economic benefits of local ship procurement

Institutional procurement is a powerful, and often underutilized, economic development strategy that can positively impact “value added” economic sectors. How and where procurement dollars are spent can have important economic effects. In July 2013, BC Ferries announced it will put three new intermediate class ferries into service by 2016/2017. The corporation is seeking a fixed READ MORE

Buying Local: Tools for Forward-Thinking Institutions

One of our popular resource guides, Buying Local: Tools for Forward-Thinking Institutions, details specific policies and practices for economic development through local purchasing. Earlier this year, we released a study detailing the economic impact of local purchasing – the first study of its kind in Canada. Using office supply procurement in B.C. as an example, the study measured READ MORE

The power of purchasing – The economic impacts of local procurement

Procurement by private and public sector institutions is a major force in the economy. In BC, local governments and school districts alone spend more than $6.7 billion annually on procurement. How – and where – procurement dollars are spent can have important economic, employment, social, and environmental impacts. This report uses the example of office READ MORE

Municipal Living Wage 101

A handful of Canadian municipalities have implemented living wage bylaws, and many more are on the verge of implementing the policy. Municipal living wage bylaws are legally enforceable policies ensuring that workers employed by a city and those contracted using municipal funds will be paid enough to meet basic family living expenses. Municipal living wage READ MORE

Municipal Procurement Implications of the Proposed CETA Agreement

Trade lawyer Steven Shrybman (Sack, Goldblatt, Mitchell LLP), prepared this paper on Municipal Procurement Implications of the Proposed Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) Between Canada and the European Union for the Centre for Civic Governance in May 2010. This report highlights the potential loss of ‘buy local’ policies through current trade discussion between Canada READ MORE

Going Local: Inspirational Stories of Local Government and Local Economy in BC

Going Local— Inspirational Stories of Local Government and Local Economy in BC showcases 12 stories of local governments that are working to improve their local economies and enhance the quality of life in their communities. As communities face the future, local government leaders are asking themselves what they can do to protect and strengthen their READ MORE