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Conservation could create 25,000 jobs by 2025, claims report by unions and environmental groups

“Slashing energy consumption by a quarter over the next decade or so could create 25,000 new jobs, concludes a report by a coalition of environmentalists and unions. The group, Blue Green Canada, maintains that curbing power use would add $3.7 billion to the economy and help cut the federal and provincial deficits by almost $2 READ MORE

More Bang For Our Buck – A new study from Blue Green Canada

This new report from Blue Green Canada  shows if the $1.3 billion in government subsidies, now given to the oil and gas sector, were instead invested in renewable energy and energy efficiency, Canada would create more jobs: 18,000 more.  The full report is available for download here.   You can also read media stories covering the report, from The Vancouver Sun and The Star .

Columbia Institute Retrofit Research featured in Municipal World Magazine

Research from the Columbia Institute’s report: This Green House: Building fast action for climate change and green jobs  was featured in the November 2012 issue of Municipal World Magazine.  Here is an excerpt. You can download and read the full Municipal World article below.  These days, amid record settingfloods, fires, and tornados, we’ve becomeaccustomed to hearing dire warningsabout the threats and impacts of climatechange. These are enormous READ MORE

Unions and Environmentalists Urge Continued Support for Green Energy and Green Jobs

The World Trade Organization has come back with a preliminary ruling that find’s Ontario’s Green Energy Act is in contravention of some provisions of the GATT. The news broke in the Globe and Mail . Blue Green Canada is urging the Ontario and federal governments to step up the defence of Ontario’s Green Energy Act. To read more of Blue Green Canada’s response, click here

Good Jobs for a Green Future

The conference will bring together 200-300 British Columbians from across the Labour and Environmental movements, as well business, First Nations, community, government, and other sectors interested in building a strong green economy. Through a combination of panel discussions, educational seminars, and plenary speakers, participants will deepen their understanding of the issues, and be part of READ MORE

Local Improvement Charges Regulation Amendments

On June 22, 2012, the Columbia Institute made a submission to the Municipal Finance Policy Branch at the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in a response for public feedback on proposal number 11-MAH011 – Local Improvement Charges Regulation Amendments Under the Municipal Act and the City of Toronto Act.  The submission focused specifically on the role municipalities READ MORE

Job Creation with a Green Touch

Across British Columbia, Environmental Organizations and Labour Unions are working together to promote the bold idea of a Green Jobs plan. GreenJobs BC  is hosting a forum on Retrofits February 10th, 2012 in Vancouver. Our research shows that they are one of the fastest way to reduce greenhouse gases. You can read our report, “This Green House: Building Fast Action for READ MORE

Edmonton embarks on ambitious green plan

A comprehensive sustainable growth plan for Edmonton was approved by city council on July 20th. “The Way We Green describes a future Edmonton that is carbon-neutral, generates zero waste, is significantly less dependent on fossil fuels, has clean air and water, is able to withstand and bounce back intact from a range of possible environmental READ MORE

Green City Index Report

A new report takes an independent look at 27 North American Cities and rates their environmental performance. The US and Canada Green City Index reports on 9 key areas in urban sustainability; CO₂, energy, land use, buildings, water, waste air and environmental governance. Each city is provided with an environmental profile that examines in detail areas where the city excels or READ MORE

Report on BC’s green industry predicts huge growth for 2011

According to a new repor t published by KPMG, that assesses the current value of BC’s green industry and directions it may go, BC’s green economy sector is forecasted to be $2.5 billion in 2011, a 57 percent increase compared to 2008. In contrast to the service sector, green jobs pay decent salaries. The average salary for READ MORE

Hope for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Despite a lack of action from senior governments, several Canadian municipalities are looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Halifax and Vancouver are both launching pilot projects that will allow homeowners to retrofit homes with energy efficient appliances, insulation, doors and windows, and heating systems without paying the costs up front. Low interest loans are being READ MORE

Energy efficiency home retrofits slow climate change and save canadians thousands on energy bills: Report

A new study – This Green House – Building Fast Action on Climate Change and Green Jobs by the Columbia Institute – reveals that modest investments in energy conservation in homes can save homeowners thousands of dollars, and dramatically and rapidly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada. 

Energy Efficiency Home Retrofits Slow Climate Change and Save Canadians Thousands on Energy Bills: Report

Municipal financing makes changes easy and affordable for homeowners A new study – This Green House – Building Fast Action on Climate Change and Green Jobs by the Columbia Institute – reveals that modest investments in energy conservation in homes can save homeowners thousands of dollars, and dramatically and rapidly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions in READ MORE

Facing the Challenge: Strategies for Green and Inclusive Recovery

“Inspiring thinking”“Gives me a sense of possibility” Since its launch two years ago, the Columbia Institute’s successful forums Sustainable Communities, Leadership Matters and Communities in Action brought together Mayors, Councillors and School Trustees from every region across Ontario to discuss key issues and imagine creative ways to improve public policy. With the massive economic change READ MORE

U.S. programs show how home energy retrofits can boost the economy

In the US, government investment in energy efficiency and retrofitting programs has helped stimulate economic activity, create jobs in the green building sector, and reduce carbon emissions. Portland has been particularly successful with such programs, and non-profits, government agencies, and energy providers have partnered together to provide retrofit financing to homeowners. The Pembina Institute looks READ MORE

Money-losing carbon tax must be fixed: CCPA, Sierra Club

A new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and Sierra Club BC states that the BC carbon tax is “revenue-negative” and increases social inequality. It argues that instead of funding corporate tax cuts, revenues from the tax should be spent on climate change investments such as public transportation and green job creation. READ MORE

Planning a Post-Carbon World:The City of North Vancouver and the 100 Year Plan

The City of North Vancouver’s "100 Year Sustainability Vision" highlights what is likely one of the first attempts to use greenhouse gas reduction targets as part of the long-term design of a city. The project looks at North Vancouver’s expected growth, and aims to increase residential and job density while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Read the READ MORE

Infrastructure Stimulus Fund In Ontario

The Ontario Infrastrucure Fund aims to accelerate infrastructure investments to foster a competitive environment which attracts businesses and creates employment opportunities. Projects are jointly funded by the federal and Ontario provincial governments, and ensure that Ontarians will benefits from increased employment opportunities, enhanced protection and mangement of drinking water, improved transportation safety and efficiency, and READ MORE

Building a new economy

Author David Korten believes that the economic recession provides North Americans with the opportunity to rebuild the economy to value people and the planet. The current economy puts money and business above all else, fostering an environment where corruption and competition are rampant. Switching to a values-based operating system will support social and environmental justice READ MORE

‘Greenest city’ plan touts economic growth

Key environmentalists are criticizing Mayor Gregor Robertson’s goal to unite economic growth with green technologies, and make Vancouver the “greenest city in the world”. U.B.C. professor Bill Rees, developer of the “ecological footprint” concept, argues that economic growth and environmentalism cannot happen in tandem, an idea that opposes the basic tenets of western capitalism. Read READ MORE

Canada Green Building Council

A national non-profit made up of a coalition of building and design practitioners, the Canada Green Building Council is best known for its work developing and administering the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system. This website is a good place to start if you are interested in learning about how good design, construction, and operation can READ MORE