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2011 Polling – Centre for Civic Governance at the Columbia Institute

Each year the Columbia Institute does polling on the local issues that British Columbians consider most pressing. Below is a comparison of results from 2007 to 2011.* You will find a breakdown of responses on the following page. Social Infrastructure includes: Homelessness, Healthcare, Poverty, Immigration/Integration, Education, Lack of social services/sense of community, Childcare. Economic Bottom READ MORE

Sorry, It’s Not A ‘Law Of Capitalism’ That You Pay Your Employees As Little As Possible

“In short, the obsession with “maximizing short-term profits” that has developed in America over the past 30 years has created a business culture in which executives dance to the tune of short-term traders and quarterly earnings reports, instead of balancing the value created for employees, customers, and long-term owners.”   To read the full article on Business Insider click here.

Kingston considers living wage motion

Kington Ontario’s City Council will be voting this week on a motion calling for the city to begin work on a Living Wage policy for city employees and contractors. The motion from Councillors Bill Glover and Rob Hutchison follows up on recommendations from a CCPA Ontario report from 2011 . Living Wage policies are already in place with a number of local governments across READ MORE

Governments should consider “fiscal blowback” before they commit to outsourcing jobs

An op- ed in the Toronto star is critical of Toronto City council’s proposal to outsource cleaning jobs. Outsourcing jobs would mean a drastic pay cut for hard working cleaning staff and a whole host of problems including unforeseen fiscal costs :”the costs of tendering, supervision and compliance; severance costs for displaced workers; profit margins READ MORE

Municipal Living Wage 101

A handful of Canadian municipalities have implemented living wage bylaws, and many more are on the verge of implementing the policy. Municipal living wage bylaws are legally enforceable policies ensuring that workers employed by a city and those contracted using municipal funds will be paid enough to meet basic family living expenses. Municipal living wage READ MORE

Pickering Ontario on the verge of implementing “fair wage” policy

On June 13th city councilors voted to recommend a “fair wage” policy for contracts over S1 million. Workers affected by this policy would likely be those in the construction trades. The policy is supported by Terry Dorgan, an agent of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 894, who believes the policy “promotes safety on READ MORE

Candian Centre for Policy Alternatives Reports on Livable Wage for Metro Vancouver and Victoria

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) has just released a living wage calculation that includes “basic expenses for a two-earner family with two young children (such as housing, childcare, food and transportation), and government taxes, credits, deductions and subsidies. It finds that each parent would need to work full-time at an hourly wage of $16.74 READ MORE