Columbia Institute Retrofit Research featured in Municipal World Magazine

Research from the Columbia Institute’s report: This Green House: Building fast action for climate change and green jobs was featured in the November 2012 issue of Municipal World Magazine. 

Here is an excerpt. You can download and read the full Municipal World article below. 

These days, amid record settingfloods, fires, and tornados, we’ve becomeaccustomed to hearing dire warningsabout the threats and impacts of climatechange. These are enormous challengeswithout easy answers. We each want tobe able to respond, but our time and bankaccounts are already stretched, and weknow that it’s going to require commitmentfrom more than just us.

Fortunately, local governments arestepping up to make it easier for peopleto take effective action, action that couldhave a cumulatively massive impactin lowering Canada’s GHG emissions.They are doing this by investing in energyefficiency retrofitting of buildings,and by supporting retrofit financing forhomeowners.

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