Who’s Picking Up the Tab? Federal and Provincial Downloading Onto Local Governments

Who’s Picking Up the Tab? investigates the scale and scope of downloading onto local governments from federal and provincial governments, using B.C. as a case study. Surveys of local leaders and senior staff, a fresh analysis of statistical and financial data and case studies of key policy areas pro­vide a clear picture of responsibilities and costs transferred without new resources to support them.

In spite of limited means, local governments are picking up more and more services and more and more of the tab. In total, 83.6 per cent of the locally elected leaders surveyed for Who’s Picking Up the Tab said federal and provincial downloading of costs onto local governments is a major problem for their community.


CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Charley Beresford’s conversation with Radio Canada International’s Wojtek Gwiazda and read articles from The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, The Tyee, and Rabble.ca.  

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