E-Newsletter (November 2015)

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With the Paris climate talks (COP21) around the corner, we are dedicating this issue of our monthly e-newsletter to climate action.

There is much hope for the climate discussions in Paris, despite the horrific terror attacks. If anything, this may strengthen all of our resolve to replace the expiring 1990 Kyoto agreement—the world’s first emission reduction treaty—with a new global agreement on climate change.

As Canadians, we are ready to stand proud in the U.N. corridors, especially with our new federal government, a new environment & climate change minister, and a historic climate change policy for Alberta.  We are poised to recoup some of our cherished international leadership role on the environment.  Having gone from leader to laggard in the last decade — a Climate Action Tracker analysis this spring put us at 58th of 60 countries — there is definitely work ahead.

Everyone from multilaterals like the U.N., governments like Canada, and provinces like Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan (highlighted below) has a role to play in fighting climate change.

So do local governments, whose decisions impact, either directly or indirectly, up to 45% of green house gas emissions.

I’ll be part of the civil society presence in Paris for the climate discussions.  I’ll be sure to share updates when I return, but in the meantime, please look out for us on Twitter (@CBColumbia) and Facebook!

All of us can be part of the conversation on how climate action is an integral part of building inclusive, sustainable and healthy cities.

Thanks for all you do.

Charley Beresford
Executive Director

About Centre for Civic Governance

The Centre for Civic Governance works to support community leadership meeting today’s social and environmental challenges: climate change, Canada’s increasing equity gap, and shifting social trends. At the Centre for Civic Governance, our goal is to strengthen Canadian communities through sharing best practices, providing tools for locally elected leaders, and progressive policy analysis. We strive to provide knowledge and information to make real and positive social change.