Facing the Challenge: Strategies for Green and Inclusive Recovery

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Since its launch two years ago, the Columbia Institute’s successful forums Sustainable Communities, Leadership Matters and Communities in Action brought together Mayors, Councillors and School Trustees from every region across Ontario to discuss key issues and imagine creative ways to improve public policy. With the massive economic change now taking place, there’s never been a more important time to tackle the challenges facing our communities and devise strategies that move toward sustainability and equity.

Workshops included:
*   Shaping the New Economy Panel – Click Here!
*   Workshops for a Green and Sustainable Future – Click Here!
*   School Trustees Leading Change – Click Here!
*   Bringing Green Jobs to Your Community – Click Here!
*   Focus on Small and Rural Communities – Click Here!

Mayor Dieter Saloman, Europe’s Greenest Mayor

Mayor Dieter Salomon leads Freiburg, Germany, a city the size of Kitchener, located farther north than Sault Ste Marie, that transformed itself into the solar energy capital of the world. Using standard local government tools like municipal leadership, community participation and strategic investment, Freiburg built whole neighbourhoods of “zero energy”
homes, cut garbage by 60%, created 400 renewable energy installations and launched over 80 solar energy businesses, and in the process earned a place at the vanguard of Germany’s booming solar energy industry.

Today Freiburg enjoys R&D investment as well as green jobs and leads other cities in recreating its success in sustainability. Join Mayor Salomon for a tour of how his City learned the benefits of green living.

About Centre for Civic Governance

The Centre for Civic Governance works to support community leadership meeting today’s social and environmental challenges: climate change, Canada’s increasing equity gap, and shifting social trends. At the Centre for Civic Governance, our goal is to strengthen Canadian communities through sharing best practices, providing tools for locally elected leaders, and progressive policy analysis. We strive to provide knowledge and information to make real and positive social change.