From the Ground Up: Using Local Assets to Build Inclusive Sustainable Communities

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Adrienne Montani: Living Wage In BC

Andre Isakov:  Going Local




Program Highlights

Friday Morning 11:00 – 12:15


How Big is Your Magic Wand?   Municipal Powers and Sustainability. 

This session explores practical
definitions of sustainability, the cost of climate change and integrating a
triple bottom line (social, economic and environmental) framework.  It will look at local government tools in
legislations and legislative changes needed for sustainable local governments.  Kim



Early Friday Afternoon – 1:30 – 2:30 PM 

Setting Priorities and Getting
them Done:

 It helps to know where you’re going.  This session is about useful governance
tools: tips for developing a corporate strategy; group dynamics with staff,
community and your fellow elected officials as well as how to use a performance
plan for your Chief Executive Officer. 
Kim Fowler


Supply Chain Activism: What School District and Municipal Buying
Power Can Do

Hear what school districts and local governments are doing
to put their buying power where their values are.  This workshop will explore how to leverage
purchasing power to advance social justice and environmental priorities,
including climate change and other green concerns, aboriginal and community
economic development, ethical sourcing and living wages.  


Municipal Resources Panel  

Experienced and newly elected
people alike can always use some outside assistance when it comes to solving
some of the very complex problems communities face.  Our panel of experts from three
organizations:  Fraser Basin Council, BC
Healthy Communities and Smartgrowth
will speak about innovative
programs that help local and regional government in their work to create
healthy, sustainable communities.   Alice Miro,
Marion Town and Kerri Klein


Friday Afternoon Workshops  2:45- 4:00


Mining Social Capital : A Workshop
on Community Schools

In the current funding climate it
can be a challenge to keep schools open and maximize their value as a community
asset.  Community schools offer a way to
“mine the social capital” in your community.  
Hear about Cordova Bay elementary which houses both elementary students
and senior citizens, the community partnerships in Surrey that enable community
school programing and the pathways that Burnaby
is using to support community schools. 
Ken Krieger, Bob Coventry, Susan White, Larry Hayes


7:30 Dinner with Chris

Chris Turner is the author of The
Geography of Hope, a Tour of the World We Need.
Chris will speak about climate change solutions already at work around
the world, from Canada’s
largest wind farm to Asia’s greenest building and Europe’s
most eco-friendly communities.

Saturday March 7th


Breakfast Plenary – Building an Economy of Enduring Happiness

Drawing from his book The Economics of Happiness, Mark
Anieleski will show tangible examples of how communities from China, to Innsbruck,Austria, Santa Monica,
Edmonton and Leduc, Alberta
are using the Genuine Wealth model to rediscover their real wealth and measure
progress more comprehensively in alignment with citizen values. 


9:00 -10:15

Natural Step Planning Framework 

This session will provide information and share experiences
on the natural-step framework that has guided the Resort Municipality of
Whistler in its decision-making and strategic planning.  It will explore how the Municipality has
worked to integrate sustainability into its organizational structure so that
sustainability is now part of it’s “DNA”.      Laura MacKay and David Waldron


Early Development Indicators  

This workshop will demonstrate the origins of huge
neighborhood and community differences in the state of early child development
in BC and the role of community governance as a determinant of successful early
child development in BC.

Dr. Clyde Herztman and Tammy Findlay


Project Homeless Connect  

Project Homeless Connect are special one-day events designed
to give people who are homeless access to a wide range of health and other
support services under one roof.  The
workshop will include presentation of a new guidebook to assist communities in British Columbia who
want to hold Homeless Connect events.

 Helesia Luke and
Catherine Evans

Saturday Afternoon Workshops 1:00 to 2:15


Bans, By-Laws and Other
Initiatives: Local Politicians Taking Action on Chemical Trespass
workshop will provide the background on chemical trespass along with practical
steps that decision makers can take to reduce risks. These range from from
municipal cosmetic pesticide and plastic water bottle bans, to protocols for
cleaning products used in schools.      Mae Burrows, Joan Bech and Dan Johnston



Living Wage  

What is a living wage?  Learn about the international living wage
movement, the BC campaign and how you might apply a living wage grid in your

Adrienne Montani and Dr. Timothy


Local Economy   

How do communities encourage
investment in local business?  This
workshop will explore a plan developed for the neighborhood of Strathcona in Vancouver as well as strategies that Santa Monica, California
is exploring to attract and retain sustainable businesses.  Going
, a Centre for Civic Governance publication featuring BC case studies
and local governance tools for supporting local economies makes its debut in
this workshop.  Mark Pezzaro and Andre


2:30-3:30  Plenary – Climate Change and Economic

Lee, senior economist at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and David
Cadman, president of ICLEI, the UN based organization of cities working for
sustainability offer their perspective on the world-wide economic meltdown,
international efforts to deal with climate change and the interconnection of
these two global challenges.     







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