Hope for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Despite a lack of action from senior governments, several Canadian municipalities are looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Halifax and Vancouver are both launching pilot projects that will allow homeowners to retrofit homes with energy efficient appliances, insulation, doors and windows, and heating systems without paying the costs up front. Low interest loans are being made available that can be paid off over an extended period of time. A report by the Columbia Institute, This Green House: Building Fast Action for Climate Change and Green Jobs “points out that a $7,000 retrofit in Canada can reduce the average detached home’s energy use by between 23 and 26 per cent and cut the average household’s GHG emissions by approximately 3.1 tonnes per year.

This would equate to GHG reductions in the range of 19 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, lopping off about 2.6 per cent of Canada’s overall national total.

Retrofitting creates between 13 and 16 local direct jobs for every $1 million of increased economic output – 50 to 60 times the job creation of oil and gas extraction, the reports adds.”

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