Jamie Biggar – 2013 Centre for Civic Governance Forum

Jamie Biggar’s Dinner Plenary at the Deepening Democracy Civic Governance Forum 2013:

“In order to be able to address the massive challenges that are facing our society, we have to work on this crisis of declining trust. We need to bring people together, and build social trust, so that we can take collective action, and move from a narrow sense of self interest, and move toward a sense of working with common purpose for a common good.

Democratic process is not just important in the abstract or as an ideal. It’s important as a practice that is transformative of the people who are participating.” 

Watch the full video below:


Jamie Biggar is the Executive Director of Leadnow, a community-mobilizing organization that brings generations of Canadians together to create a fair, responsible and democratic Canada. Jamie has a background in large-scale online and offline collaboration to develop policy and campaigns Jamie’s academic research has focused on the need for institution and governance innovation to address seemingly intractable social, ecological and economic problems.

Here Jamie speaks during a Dinner Plenary Session. ‘Deepening Democracy’ was the theme of the Columbia Institute’s 2013 Centre for Civic Governance Forum in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. 

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