Resiliency: Cool Ideas for Locally Elected Leaders

Resiliency: Cool Ideas for Locally Elected Leaders is the fifth volume in the Going for Green Leadership Series. Inspired by conversations at our Centre for Civic Governance forums, Resiliency highlights the bold and creative ways in which leaders and communities are responding to the major environmental challenges of our time.

Note: Download individual articles by clicking on their title, or download the publication by chapter at the bottom.

Chapter 1: Big Picture: The Jekyll and Hyde of “Resilience” —Bill Rees

Chapter 2: Urban Design Responses
2.1 Cities in Transition—Dr Ryan Walker
2.2 Seven Rules for Sustainability: Strategies for the Post-Carbon World—Patrick Condon
2.3 North Vancouver’s 100 Year Plan—Mayor Darrell Mussatto
2.4 Williams Lake: The Heart of Cowboy Country—Kerry Cook and Liliana Dragowska

Chapter 3: New Economy Responses
3.1 Revitalizing Communities from the Inside Out—Michael Shuman
3.2 The Craik Sustainable Living Project
3.3 Big-Box Retail vs. Communities: The Leslieville Case—Paula Fletcher

Chapter 4: Leadership Tools
4.1 Surviving and Thriving at the Council Table—Donna MacDonald
4.2 Engaging Your Community on Climate Change—Kerri Klein
4.3 Communicating Effectively with Constituents—Doug McKenzie-Mohr
4.4 Public Participation in Resource Management—Laura Bowman
4.5 The Natural Step—Ken Melamed

Chapter 5: Ideas Who’s Time Has Come
5.1 Saving Forests, Making Money—Briony Penn
5.2 Municipal Finances: Looking for Fiscal Balance— Gaëtan Royer
5.3 The Case for Watershed Governance—Murray Ball
5.4 Swift Current’s Source Water Protection Story—Arlene Unvoas


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The Centre for Civic Governance works to support community leadership meeting today’s social and environmental challenges: climate change, Canada’s increasing equity gap, and shifting social trends. At the Centre for Civic Governance, our goal is to strengthen Canadian communities through sharing best practices, providing tools for locally elected leaders, and progressive policy analysis. We strive to provide knowledge and information to make real and positive social change.