The Future is Local: Progressive Governance Forum at Harrison Hot Springs

Join us at our Centre for Civic Governance  Forum for Progressive Governance in Harrison Hot Springs Friday March 30-Saturday March 31st. 2012.


Joel Bakan at The Future is Local from Centre for Civic Governance on Vimeo.



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Local Is Global with Craig Keating and Alisdair Smith from Centre for Civic Governance on Vimeo.


Funding Formulas: When More is Less and Less -Joan Axford from Centre for Civic Governance on Vimeo.


Joel Bakan is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia. He teaches Constitutional Law and theory at UBC. His book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, a book analyzing the evolution and modern-day behavior of corporations from a critical perspective, was published in 2004, and made into a film the same year. It won 25 international awards. His latest book Childhood Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Children was published in August 2011.


Betty Baxter has worked with school districts, colleges and universities providing training, planning and investigations for the past fourteen years. Betty has been in leadership roles as an Olympic athlete, international coach and volleyball coach for kids camps, student and adult teams. She has also been the equity officer for a large union, been a candidate for Member of Parliament and designed and taught a program on civic leadership at a BC University. Betty is an outspoken advocate for equality in all our communities on the issues of gender and sexual orientation. She was elected to the Board of Education for School District No 46 (Sunshine Coast) in November 2011.

Dr. Bruce Beairsto is an adjunct professor at SFU and teaches in both the Masters and EdD programs in the Faculty of Education as well as supervises doctoral students. Bruce has been an educator for over 35, serving as the Superintendent of the Richmond School District for 6 six years. He works with The Critical Thinking Consortium and speaks to educational audiences on the subject of leadership and learning. He is a member of the Board of Governors of Science World and the Canadian Education Association.

Cheeying Ho  is the Executive Director of the Whistler Centre for Sustainability. She has worked in the non-profit sector in policy, planning and education on transportation, land use and smart growth for over 10 years. Cheeying was the Executive Director of Smart Growth B.C. – a province-wide non-governmental organization promoting sustainable land use and development and Executive Director of BEST (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation).

Cheeying is a former high school and college teacher of science and mathematics. She served as a member of the Prime Minister’s External Advisory Committee on Cities and Communities, as well as a term on the Board of Vancity Credit Union and currently sits on a number of other advisory boards and committees including the Mayor of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Team.

Emanuel Machado is the Manager of Sustainability Services and Special Projects with the District of Sechelt and is responsible for the development and implementation of the District’s sustainability plan. Emanuel has extensive experience working with communities on all aspects of sustainability, with a focus on renewable energy, water and food. He is involved with the Green Communities Committee, The Whistler Sustainability Centre, QUEST BC, and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) Sub-Committee on Sustainable Communities. In 2007 he was the recipient of the Arbor Vitae Award from the Ministry of the Environment and in 2008 he received a Professional Award for Innovation from the Local Government Management Association of BC.

Dave Meslin is a Toronto-based artist and organiser who has instigated a variety of urban projects including the Toronto Public Space CommitteeSpacing MagazineCity IdolHuman RiverToronto Cyclists UnionDandyhorse Magazine and Better Ballots.  Multi-partisan and fiercely optimistic, Dave embraces ideas and projects that cut across traditional boundaries between grassroots politics, electoral politics and the arts community. In his work, he attempts to weave elements of these communities together.  Dave blogs at Mez Dispenser, and is currently co-editing a book with Coach House Press about civic engagement in Toronto.

Brenda Reid-Kuecks is the President of Ecotrust Canada (EC), an enterprising charitable organization whose purpose is to build a conservation economy in coastal BC. Prior to becoming EC’s President, Brenda was Director of Programs for five years, working from the community office in Clayoquot Sound. Before joining the organization, Brenda was responsible for developing a coast-wide program for the Fishermen’s Union and the Province of BC to support economic diversification in communities affected by the loss of commercial salmon fishing. Brenda is committed to building strong local institutions that provide a place for shared decision-making and for creating resilient economies and communities.

Alisdair Smith is the Chair of the Greater Vancouver Compassion Network, a non-profit network of institutions, organizations, working groups and individuals committed to furthering compassionate engagement and conduct in our communities. The GVCN is endorsed by a group of prominent Lower Mainland institutions and individuals that include the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education, Free The Children, Fair Trade Vancouver, Kindness Foundation, Christ Church Cathedral, Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue, Canadians for Compassion, InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver Society, Vancity, and the Vancouver Foundation.


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The Centre for Civic Governance works to support community leadership meeting today’s social and environmental challenges: climate change, Canada’s increasing equity gap, and shifting social trends. At the Centre for Civic Governance, our goal is to strengthen Canadian communities through sharing best practices, providing tools for locally elected leaders, and progressive policy analysis. We strive to provide knowledge and information to make real and positive social change.