The Science Behind Climate Change – Video

As global climate negotiations wrap up in Doha, it’s worth reminding ourselves of the science behind the push for climate action.

John Fyfe Video

You can view the video on our YouTube channel, by clicking here. 

Dr. John Fyfe is one of 150 Scientists contributing to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. The fifth “assessment report” will be published in 2013-2014. The forth “assessment report” was published in 2007 and made the then-controversial link between global warming and human activity.

Dr Fyfe presented an overview of the climate change science at our Centre for Civic Governance event: ‘Through the Green Glass: Climate Change Symposium for Education Leaders’. This half-day symposium, which took place on January 24, 2008 provided a comprehensive look at making school districts sustainable: everything from systems thinking, to building green, to supporting student leadership.

You can read more on the subject in our Climate Change 101 Science and Research Briefing Note.

And you can download John Fyfe’s talk in Part One of Through the Green Glass: Climate Change Tools for Education Leaders

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